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Satsang is an intensive spiritual seminar where we discover our true nature or essence. It is intended for all of you who have already done some work on yourselves, but still feel that something is missing in your life and are ready to take a step forward, into the unknown. 


How many times in your life have you gotten what you wanted but ended up disappointed? If happiness could be found in external, ephemeral things, everyone would already be happy. However, we can honestly admit that this is not the case. The famous American actor Jim Carrey said that what happened to him should happen to everyone, so that they could have everything their hearts desire - and how soon they would realize that they are still unhappy.


Nothing that is fleeting can make us happy. Only what is always present at every moment and is our essence can make us happy. That is why it is so important to know ourselves. "Know thyself" is a sentence uttered by Socrates, the same sentence is written on a thousand-year-old oracle in Delphi. This kind of self-discovery requires a lot of courage, because we have to turn away from everything that is familiar and safe. To step into the fire that burns everything that is not real. Only that which is indestructible remains.


Satsang is where we come home to our essence. When we realize this, we can really start enjoying life, life becomes a play. No longer a mission on which we are desperate to achieve certain results. Now we can follow our goals, if we achieve them, that's OK, if we don't, that's OK too. If we lose everything we have, it is no longer a problem for us, because we are fulfilled within ourselves. You are welcome to join the many who have already come to Satsang and thrown away everything that no longer serves them and realized the "peace that surpasses our understanding".

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