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Hypnotherapy is an intervention in which hypnosis is used to create a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility in the treatment of a medical or psychological disorder or concern.

It can be used to treat a wide variety of disorders like anxiety, trauma, depression, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder etc....or hypnotherapy can be used to address a vague sense of dissatisfaction that is a usual component human life. 

It is well known that only a fraction of mind is conscious and all the rest belongs to unconscious. Furthermore, scientists have determined that all our decisions have already been determined well before our conscious mind becomes aware of them. When we look at this fact it becomes obvious that when faced with the problem, we have to address it on a deeper level, that is on the level of subconscious mind. And hypnosis is a wonderful tool to achieve that. So we can go to the very root of the problem where we can uproot it once and for all. 

What happens in hypnosis:

  • the planning function of conscious mind subsides

  • an increased sense of relaxation and comfort

  • an alert state - not sleep

  • in increased vividness and intensity of internal experience: visual, auditory, kinesthetic

  • an increased availability of imagery from the past

  • a heightened ability for creative imagination

  • an increase in suggestibility

  • an increased ability to attend to, organize and appreciate human experience and learning potential

  • the accessing of abilities that are usually ignored or only marginally perceived during usual conscious processing and in typical daily actions

  • a natural subsidence of mind-activity

In my work, I use the classic hypnosis, founded by Milton H. Erickson, supplemented with the most modern approaches. ​


Examples of conditions in which I can effectively help you with hypnosis: ​


  • depression

  • anxiety, panic disorder

  • consequences of traumas suffered in childhood and in later periods of life

  • OCD

  • low self-esteem, problems with self-confidence

  • various phobias

  • occupational burnout

  • problems in partner relationships

  • problems in the field of sexuality

  • a feeling of discomfort that occurs in the presence of other people

  • problems with motivation

  • lack of creativity

  • feelings of being trapped and how life is meaningless

  • powerlessness to move forward in life ​

In hypnosis, your conscious mind is silenced and you can find yourself in a space that represents the core of your being that is an endless source of peace, joy and fulfilment. From here you can draw on the resources you need in your daily life to face challenges. You can finally move forward and live up to your full potential. ​


The essence of my approach is the awareness that you already have all the potential and answers to your questions within you. During therapy, a space is established in which you can discover all this within yourself, in the depths of your subconscious. You are already perfect at your core, you just learned some limitations. My job is to show you that these limitations are only imaginary.

Only ten percent of our mind is conscious, the rest is the subconscious - this is the part of the mind that protects you, allows you to learn, makes decisions even before they reach the conscious mind, regulates the functioning of all organ systems. This is all that lies beneath the tip of the iceberg and represents a field of limitless potential and endless possibilities. And all this is not separate from you, it is your essence, accessible at any moment, you just have to dive into your depths.​ ​


Every journey starts with a single step, take the first step today and sign up for a free online video consultation via Zoom - you can sign up here. ​


I will be happy to stand by your side on the path of your personal transformation.

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