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I graduated on Medical faculty of Ljubljana in the year 2012. After that I started specializing in abdominal surgery, but later realized that this work does not give me the deeper fulfillment that I was longing for.  So I abandoned the career of a surgeon and after that the path let me to India and I visited many spiritual teachers in Europe and also elsewhere throughout the world. In 2019 I started studying clinical hypnotherapy at Leela School* in Amsterdam, school that was founded by Eli Jaxon-Bear. In 2021 I became certified as Clinical Hypnotherapist. In 2022 I became certified as Hypnotherapist at Hypnosis Training Academy, school led by Igor Ledochowski. I am also a member of Center for Psychotherapy and Psychosocial help Koper, Slovenia.

*Leela School certification in hypnotherapy is accredited by American Council of Hypnotherapy Examiners.

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