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I graduated on Medical faculty of Ljubljana in the year 2012. After finishing my internship and professional exam I was working at the Division of abdominal surgery in General Hospital of Izola. Later I was working at University Rehabilitation Institute of Soča and Diagnostic Center Bled.


My soul was always longing for something that offers more holistic approach to health issues and human suffering. This led me to extensive exploration of my subconscious mind, which lasted almost two decades. I spent time with many spiritual teachers in India and elsewhere in the world. Subsequently, I spend five years studying hypnosis.

I hold two certifications in clinical hypnotherapy, one from Leela School Amsterdam, school founded be Eli Jaxon-Bear, and another from Hypnosis Training Academy, school led by Igor Ledochowski. I am also a member of Center for Psychotherapy and Psychosocial help Koper, Slovenia.

*Leela School certification in hypnotherapy is accredited by American Council of Hypnotherapy Examiners.

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