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Aleksander Gruncic Krajnc, M.D.


My name is Aleksander Grunčić Krajnc, I am a medical doctor and certified clinical hypnotherapist. I can help you overcome depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, occupational burnout and many other ailments. In circumstances such as a breakup with a partner or dissatisfaction at work, I empower you to find inner strength and move forward in life. With hypnosis, I can help you remove subconscious obstacles that stand in the way of realising your dreams.

Uniqueness of my approach:

-> Combines knowledge from medicine, developmental psychology, ego development theory and traditional Indian Advaita Vedanta

-> I use classic hypnosis, founded by Milton H. Erickson, supplemented with modern approaches

-> Treatment involves working in a hypnotic trance, which includes identifying and removing of inappropriate beliefs and thought patterns, transmission of silent mind, working with the inner child, healing of childhood trauma, release of old energies trapped inside of the body and realising one's true being or essence

-> I am dedicated to staying with my clients throuought the whole process, until their problem is resolved

-> Treatment does not focus only on problem resolution, the goal is to empover you to reach your full potential as a human being and make your dreams come true



I graduated on Medical faculty of Ljubljana in the year 2012. After finishing my internship and professional exam I was working at the Division of abdominal surgery in General Hospital of Izola. Later I was working at University Rehabilitation Institute of Soča and Diagnostic Center Bled. I spent almost two decades exploring the depths of my subconscious mind. I hold two certifications in clinical hypnotherapy, one from Leela School in Amsterdam, certification that is accredited by American Council of Hypnotherapy Examiners and another from Hypnosis Training Academy, school led by Igor Ledochowski. I am also a member of Center for Psychotherapy and Psychosocial help Koper, Slovenia.

What clients have to say about me:

I highly recommend it. Already after the first meeting I noticed significant results and after a few meetings I was perfectly well equipped to deal with stressful situations that seemed unmanageable before. If necessary, I will gladly contact Aleksander again.

Ursa G.

With respect and gratitude, Alenka. There are few like Alexander. Support, help, sincerity, professionalism, sensuality...

Alenka H.

Aleksander is very professional, pleasant and devotes himself to the client as much as possible. The visit with him positively exceeded all my expectations. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to dig deeper into their problems and live a happier and more fulfilled life. 

Tamara L.

Alexander is first and foremost a wonderful man. In his work, he is professional, successful, with great behavior and the ability to keep a safe space. With his help in therapy, I understood the truth about my problem and freed myself. Thank you Alexander. 

Alja K.

Due to Aleksandr's professionalism, compassion and calmness, in therapy you can delve into the darkest corners of the subconscious and discover the source of your fears and problems. Already at the first therapy, I solved the trauma that had accompanied me all my life and was inaccessible to other therapies. Thank you. 

Barbara G.

With dedication, calmness, compassion and a great deal of knowledge,

Aleksander takes you all the way to the place where problems dissolve and you finally find the answers you've been looking for all your life. With a safe proximity, it offers you the opportunity to make life brighter and happier. The best thing l've ever done for myself in my life. Alexander, the word thank you is not enough!
Janja G.

hipnoterapija aleksander grunčić krajnc
hipnoterapija aleksander gruncic krajnc

I am offering online hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom and in-person sessions in Buje, Croatia and in Ljubljana.


- Parmova ul. 53, Ljubljana, Slovenia

- Trg slobode 2, Buje, Croatia


+386 41 768 279 (WhatsApp)

You can book a free call to talk about your problem, after which we can schedule your session.

Upcoming Events

  • Satsang z Aleksandrom
    Satsang z Aleksandrom
    Thu, 14 Dec
    14 Dec 2023, 19:00
    Ljubljana, Parmova ul. 53, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (6. nadstropje)
    14 Dec 2023, 19:00
    Ljubljana, Parmova ul. 53, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (6. nadstropje)

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